Become a Brand Orchestrate Affiliate (BOA)

We have not been doing a great job marketing the cohort-based community over the past few months and we count on you to help us grow and reach new audiences.


Have a friend you think would be a good fit for our personal branding cohort? invite them to join and take home £500 per head!

We just did a launch announcement to our cohort as you can see in the couple of posts below:

We are looking for BOAs who are in the network for one-person coaching/consulting-based business owners who want to build & monetize their personal brand online.

Checkout our website for more info about the cohort program:

If you can bring us a qualified lead and they end up signing up for the cohort, we will give you £500.

We even took the extra mile and made some templates, scripts, and visuals that you can use to market the program, check them out below:

We usually take 10 people at a time per cohort and we roll out the next cohort on the 14th of each month.