We're in the business of ending loneliness for lost misfits.

Hi fellow misfits! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Do you feel lost and lonely in this disconnected social media world?

Do you want to do something about it?

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The 1 Million Movement

The Misfit Wayβ„’

Coaching 1,000,000 lost misfits to find their misfit way,

By mastering the art & business of personal branding.


To fit every misfit β€”

To eradicate loneliness β€”

To Redefine what family means β€”


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Founder Story


This is for the free thinkers,

The old souls,

The "ahead of their times",

The crazy ones,

The rebels β€” outliers β€” underdogs,

The hippies,

The dreamers,

The divergent thinkers,

The unconditional givers,

The misfits.

Who plays at the edge,

Who lives out loud.


Not being accepted for who they are.

The misfits who get out of their own way,

To create a conscious, connected society,

To build a world that matters.


Misfit benefits:

Even if that means:

The Misfit Way is an untraditional creative community for professional misfits who are looking to transition from β€œbest-kept secrets” to no longer having to introduce themselves.

By blurring the edges of:

Through the lenses of:

We do things with:

Art β€” Autonomy β€” Freedom β€” Permission β€” Spirit of Generosity β€” Privilege β€” Passion β€” Intuition β€” Meaning β€” Impact β€” Fun β€” Exploration β€” Play β€” Conscious Capitalism


**Shy β†’ Confident

Quiet β†’ Loud

(-)** Self Talk β†’ (+) Self Worth

**Follower β†’ Thought Leader

Local β†’ World Class

Regular β†’ Professional Misfit**

BOC Internal Moral Compass


1) Extreme Ownership πŸ—οΈ β€” The way we do things

Behavior: High say-do ratio, Immigrant work ethic

2) Simple But Significant 🍎 β€” Thoughtful experience design

Behavior: Radical candor