<aside> 🚀 Goal: The goal of this challenge is to help you create evergreen organic content that works as a lead magnet for your core offer.


30 day challenge most wanted.png

Coached by Amine Hammou [email protected]

Brandorchestrate.com https://linktr.ee/amine__hammou


📕 Discovery Call

📕 Payment

📕 Access to a Notion Portal

📗 Feedback & resources (when needed)

📘 Making 30 videos (1 per day) on LinkedIn, TikTok & Instagram

📘 Crafting copy/script that goes with the video

📘 Following a calendar plan

📘 Creating call to actions

📘 Starting conversations in the DMs

📙 Accountability Calls x4 (one per week)

📕 Testimonial & Celebration Call

Communication & Tools

→ Async: Notion for scripts, resources, and progress tracking

→ Sync: WhatsApp for day-to-day conversations and feedback loops

What you need for this to work (brief)


If you have all the above in place,

It will take you approximately 2h per day to do this challenge:

With a total of 4 hours of accountability calls and 60 hours of individual work.

Good fit clients

Bad fit clients

What we can NOT guarantee

I will NOT guarantee you closing clients.

But I did test this challenge with 1 client of mine and he was able to close 2 clients for a 6-month engagement of $4,000 per month by making 6 videos in 2 weeks:

4k client.jpg

What we CAN guarantee


I was debating whether I should charge for this or make it completely free.

And I decided to charge for it not necessarily to make money but to hold you accountable for making the videos every single day.

It will be priced at $200.

There will be no money-back guarantees.

Personal Branding ROI